I have owned a home before, do I qualify for any of these programs?
Yes, many of the available programs do NOT require you to be a first time homebuyer; however, if you are combining a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC), then you can’t have owned a home in the most recent 3 years.
The income limit showing for my county is $80,000.  I make $60,000 and my spouse makes $30,000.  Does that mean we can’t use the program?
Not necessarily,  if your $60,000 is adequate to qualify for the loan requested, then you will be the only one on the loan and you can get the down payment assistance.
I thought 20% down was the required down payment, and these programs are only for 3 to 5%, how do I come up with the rest?
20% down is NOT a requirement… Many programs only require 3% down, so if you choose a program with a 5% assistance, that covers the down payment as well as many of the closing costs and pre-paids.


A Mortgage Credit Certificate, also known as an MCC, is a federal tax credit that reduces the amount of federal income tax paid by the homeowner.  The tax credit is equal to 40% of the mortgage interest paid during the tax year, up to a maximum $2,000 per year.
Homeowners are eligible for the tax credit every year, as long as they occupy the home as their primary residence. MCCs can save homeowners thousands of dollars over the life of their mortgage!
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